The Roaming Chronicles 2: The Infinite Alleyway

What is an alleyway?  I ask myself this as my own footsteps echo back into my ears. It’s quiet. It’s dark.  It’s going on forever.  In the simplest of words, my personal definition would be a short walk-space often found between two, neighboring buildings. They’re often times occupied by dumpsters, bags of garbage, and—perhaps—the occasional shady individual.  … Continue reading The Roaming Chronicles 2: The Infinite Alleyway


What is in a name?  Better yet, what is a title?  A one-word or multi-worded representation of an entire story that may—or may not—be anywhere around four hundred pages long.   I peruse the shelves of the local bookstore, picking up random hard-back and soft-back novels, reading the title, then reading the blurb on the back to make sense of … Continue reading Name


It’s remarkable how many directions a person’s mind can go.   It’s irritating too.   My fingers dig furiously into my scalp, tousling my loose hair. Wavy strands fall into my face and I don’t bother shoving them away. Sick and tired of sitting at my desk all the time, I’ve opted for a seat on the … Continue reading Tweak